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Ericsson RBS Product Family


The RBS product families consist of a range of different base stations providing flexible coverage and capacity to address a large variety of radio applications from urban to rural.

3GPP technologies

All three major 3GPP technology tracks are supported namely:

  • GSM / EDGE,
  • LTE.

RBS 2000 - Your choice for the optimal GSM Radio Network

Our RBS 2000 family offers RBS solutions for virtually all needs. It is characterized by its excellent performance, small footprint and flexible usage.

Important new functional enhancements like EDGE and AMR are possible to introduce with a minimum impact. The RBS 2000 family comprises of both outdoor and indoor RBS versions as well as Micro RBS and Main Remote.


The RBS 2000 family's comprehensive range of radio base stations with superior radio performance and unique features provides cost effective coverage and capacity from urban to rural as well as for in-building radio applications.

RBS 3000 - Accelerate Broadband Growth

To capture the major growth opportunity in mobile broadband, 3G networks must offer enriched services with greater mobility, while maintaining competitive pricing.


Ericsson's RBS 3000 series meets these challenges. Ericsson's superior radio performance, dynamic network configuration, low power consumption, simplified site operation and maintenance and a smooth evolution pathway are key factors in lowering capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operational expenditures (OPEX).

The RBS 3000 family of WCDMA base stations meets all mobile broadband needs, today and tomorrow.

RBS 6000 - Owning the future

The RBS 6000 is a no-compromise, energy efficient compact site solution that supports GSM/EDGE, WCDMA/HSPA and LTE in a single package.

The RBS 6000 is build with a state of the art technology and at the same time provides backwards compatibility with the highly successful RBS 2000 and RBS 3000 product lines.


Base stations delivered since 2001 are LTE capable. We call this a revolutionary evolution.

As a multi-standard base station, the RBS 6000 offers many options that make choices simpler while providing greater freedom of choice.

Cost-effective deployment and development of new, high-speed mobile broadband services, mobile TV and web applications requires a smart solution that provides a performance leap.

The RBS 6000 family not only ensures a smooth transition to new technology and functionality minimizing OPEX, but also reduces environmental impact.


By upgrading to EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution) you can cost-effectively triple the data capacity of your GSM/GPRS network, paving the way for advanced data services anywhere, anytime.


EDGE enables you to offer fast, quality mobile internet access in areas not reached by WCDMA/HSPA signals. Building on GSM technology, EDGE also helps you capture new users by allowing the usage of inexpensive mobile phones, leveraging the huge second-hand GSM-phone base,

EDGE is a low-risk investment for mobile operators wanting to get the most from their GSM networks. It more than triples the data capacity of GSM/GPRS networks, making it possible to:

  • Provide high-speed mobile internet services over existing infrastructure
  • Increase individual user data rates
  • Free up capacity for still-expanding voice traffic

Using the Ericsson EDGE solution, most operators can upgrade their networks with EDGE simply by activating an optional feature.

In addition to basic EDGE functionality, the EDGE Performance Package provides easy-to-activate software features that further enhance performance, including services such as mobile TV and music downloads normally only delivered over WCDMA/HSPA networks.

The majority of today's GSM/GPRS operators have already begun upgrading to EDGE, driven primarily by the need for fast internet access in emerging markets. Other operators are expanding their EDGE networks as an important complement to WCDMA/HSPA and future LTE networks.

EDGE Evolution - The next step

We are committed to driving standardization and industrialization of EDGE, and its next incarnation, EDGE Evolution - a series of technical improvements that bring peak data rates up to 1Mbps and boost network data capacity threefold.

EDGE Evolution can be implemented through a software upgrade of existing Ericsson EDGE networks, maximizing the lifetime of the investments made in GSM/EDGE equipment.


With high-speed, high-capacity Mobile Broadband possible through our WCDMA/HSPA offering, you can cost-effectively meet user demand for advance internet services anywhere, anytime.


Our WCDMA/HSPA offering is the backbone of true Mobile Broadband services. Part of our Full-Service Broadband offering, the ADSL-like data speeds of WCDMA/HSPA allow service providers to deliver a true broadband experience to any device, anywhere, anytime.

Key characteristics of our WCDMA/HSPA offering for Mobile Broadband include:

  • Support for up to 42Mbps on the downlink and 5.8 Mbps on the uplink
  • Superior radio performance with a comprehensive RBS portfolio for optimized coverage and capacity
  • Excellent in-service-performance built on scalable and future-proof 3G platforms
  • A clear evolution path to HSPA Evolution, which will provide speeds of more than 84 Mbps on the downlink and more than 12 Mbps on the uplink

Building on today's WCDMA/GSM networks, and with hundreds of HSPA-enabled devices on the market, HSPA is an effective way to quickly and cost-effectively meet mass market demand for Mobile Broadband.

Through HSPA, you can provide high-performance, interactive services to an enormous subscriber base, anywhere and at any time, stimulating greater usage and loyalty among existing customers while attracting new ones, and generating new revenue streams.

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