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CVT Periscope

Telecoms Management Reporting

In today's challenging global economic environment, successful organisations are continuously looking for ways to improve operations.

It is imperative to improve business processes in order to stay ahead of the market and meet operational and regulatory goals.

CVT solutions are designed to improve business processes in the following areas:

  • Business Process Flow, Automation and Reporting
  • Information and Document Retention and Management
  • Telecommunications Reporting and Management
  • Telecommunications Recording, Analysis and Compliance
  • Customer self service and Contact Centre solutions
  • Specialist Voice and Fax Processing Solutions
  • Workforce Evaluation Metrics for Training and Optimisation

Periscope NextGen


Telecoms Management Reporting, collates phone usage data from the organization phone system for sophisticated reporting and analysis of usage patterns. Also commonly used for cost management and on-billing of telecommunications usage.

NextGen is the latest release of the popular Periscope communications management system. With over 15 years of market experience in telecommunications management, the NextGen incorporates unrivaled functionality for all vertical industries including:
  • Local and Federal Government Agencies
  • Legal, Accounting and Professional Services
  • Enterprise, Commercial and Financial
  • Serviced Office, Conference and Bureau services
  • Education, Health and Retirement sectors
  • Real Estate, Retail and Hospitality
  • Manufacturing, Mining and Heavy Industry
With thousands of clients worldwide, case studies are available for all sectors. NextGen features the latest in web application technology including .Net 3.5, Ajax, Silverlight, SQL
and Crystal Reports.

NextGen provides pricing, provisioning, billing and presentation of telecommunications usage for management and revenue recovery. Professional services firms can utilise account code or client based billing for phone and data usage.


Enterprises are able to allocate costs back to divisions, departments and individual employees; also providing data directly to corporate accounting, HR and management reporting systems.

NextGen corporate modules designed to optimise cost control and revenue recovery for the whole organisation. This includes billing management, network data usage, softcopy bill reconciliation and hospitality management.

Key NextGen Features:
  • Fully Web based/Multi-user
  • Central management of multi-sites
  • Highly scalable
  • Supports the majority of phone systems (VOIP and TDM)
  • Scheduled reports to email
  • Reports available to browser, PDF, Word, Excel and Crystal Reports
  • Editable tariff and mark-up rates
  • PABX trunk utilisation
  • Report on site, department, employee, extension, account code and trunk
  • Historic reporting

Periscope I.T.E.M.S.


In-house Telecoms Expense Management System, based on the popular Periscope NextGen platform ITEMS is designed for large enterprise, hospitals and campus environments.

Periscope ITEMS caters for large scale deployments and includes enterprise level functionality such as directory synchronization, fleet mobile phone management, service provider 'softcopy' bill management, bill reconciliation, tailored reports for finance department, in-depth and ad-hoc organizational reporting etc.


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